So, I of course love everything about this program. The sustainability, living simply, programming, Camp Mokule’ia, but most important I love our community that we’ve built here throughout our time in Episcopal Service Corps. Everybody has always been so welcoming from the beginning, and we’ve really grown to become this beautiful family at Camp Mokule’ia! It has most definitely been “March Madness” around here, we’ve done so many wonderful things! Former Episcopal Service Corps member ( and one of my AmeriCorps teammate) Chalynn came to visit us for three weeks! It had been six years since I’ve seen here, and it was like nothing had changed (except of course we got older). The both of us along with the guidance of Teddy built a recycling center, Evan built a green waste compost bin, Kelly has been working hard in the garden getting new plants in the ground. We all the pleasure of joining Darrell, and Seini at the H.I.M. Conference where we talked about HUI PU and Camp Mokule’ia!

It’s not about what we just do as a community at camp though, it’s about enjoying this beautiful place we are as well. Evan and I started the month going to see Black Panther (which is on my top five list of favorite Marvel movies). Our friend and neighbor Kari had her birthday, so we celebrated with her at Da Crab Shack! Chalynn, Sofia, Evan, Chris, and myself all celebrated my birthday early by going parasailing. We went in groups 1,000 feet in the air and as they were bringing us back down to the boat they dunked us in the water. Everything was so peaceful and quite when you were up in the sky, you really got to enjoy the beautiful view. We also had a gathering for my birthday, where Dan grilled our food for us, and Kari made me the most wonderful cake with chickens on it! The celebrating continued when all the stuff shared cookie cake at lunch time.

This experience is such a blessing, and not only will I never forget about being a part of Episcopal Service Corps, all of these people I’ve met and will meet along the way will always hold a special place in my heart.

I’ll leave you with this quote and some photos from our adventures this month so far. ✌️❤️

“I didn’t find my friends; the good lord gave them to me”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Pictures to last a Life Time.

Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged on this site! Oh well. I actually don’t have much to say on this blog. The focus of this post are the pictures that were taken by myself, Terrin, and our friend and Creation Care ESC alumni Chayln. These pictures represent memories, cool spots of the camp, and a potential place where we see God at the camp. Enjoy.

High ropes

Hello there,

We have some exciting news here at Camp Mokule’ia! We spent last week welcoming our new camp director Darrell. He came all the way from Mississippi! Then some of the Camp Mokule’ia staff spent three days training on our updated high ropes course! We all know how much I (Terrin) absolutely love being up in the trees. The entire staff can’t wait to do programming with the campers and show off the new course! The course has been designed to challenge yourself on a completely different level and I’m sure the pictures will not do it justice, you’ll have to come out and see it for yourself!

My favorite part of the updated ropes course is the third element. It has a mixture between ropes a logs on it, so once you get to the middle of the element you have to bear hug your way across the wooden log! I was nervous my first time across, but once I completed the element, I felt amazing! I’ve included some photos of our training fun!


Here at Camp things can get so busy! That’s why we should always make sure to take intentional time for each other. Yesterday, after we dropped Kelly off at the airport… Seini, Sonny, Evan, and myself decided to grab lunch at the Pearlridge mall. After eating our delicious food, we thought to ourselves “what next”. Then we decided to stop at the arcade! Sonny and Evan decided to play some racing games, while Seini and I dedicated our time to a superhero game. We were both set on winning this beautiful Wonder Woman collector card, and let me tell you it was taunting us! This time together really made me appreciate our camp community, and all the time we get to spend together in and outside of camp. The entire Camp Mokule’ia staff is so wonderful, and I’m so thankful to have them be apart of my ‘Ohana. Here are some photos from our day!

It’s Been Awhile

What does it mean to trust? What does it mean to walk in faith? Do we discount faith and rely only on reason or vice versa? These are the type of questions that sprint through my head every minute of every day. Why? Because choosing one over the other can altar my personal future. And I am afraid of what each outcome may bring.

If I were to walk in faith I must then prepare myself to blindly follow something or someone without question and not worrying about logic. In other words I would have to be present and stay in the moment and not worrying about others. The positive side of this lifestyle is that I can better myself by being more intentional with others in conversation while pursuing different spiritual practices that could put my mind at ease by praying ( at least in the Christian tradition) to God and Jesus Christ. The negative, or at least head scratching, is that if I were to walk in faith then it’s likely that I would not rely on critical thinking or question what is inaccurate or inconsistent.

If I were to choose reason and logic then I can utilize my brain. For me, I like to use my average brain as if I were playing a game of chess. True life is not a game, but I think about my actions and what the reactions could be. Critical thinking allows me to look at evidence that can be combined to form an idea or a research paper, film, book, etc. The brain is a marvelous piece of tissue that I absolutely no nothing about. The brain allows me to think about all the possibilities and outcomes. When I think, process, and share knowledge I can become my best self. However, the flip side of this life is that emotion cannot be involved. Using emotions to make a conclusion is dangerous and can reveal a difficult truth. In my opinion, critical thinking is vital, but there must be some balance of emotion.

The reason I believe this to be true is because if a human being were to be living one life or the other is not healthy. To me, a necessary balance must exist in order for human beings to be, well, human beings. We must live in faith as well as using our brains. That may look different to you. That’s okay, I do not expect any reader to have the same thoughts as me. Life would be boring if we did.

Ideally, this is how I want to live my life. I want to find this balance, but I’m not there yet. I must first battle my racing thoughts. Second by second, minute by minute. These thoughts speed around my brain as if it was a Nascar racetrack. I do not know when I will find this balance. It could be during my time in Hawai’i or it could be when I’m 99 years old( Lord willing).

But this battle is difficult. In my life I’ve shielded myself from others; as a result I’ve hindered relationship building amongst friends. I’ve hurt others emotionally from these thoughts but I also hurt myself. Last year in Colorado my job performance took a hit. My position changed throughout the year. Now, I must begin that difficult work so that I can move onward to choose the life I want to live. To find balance, and more importantly, peace.

I hope to find that during my time in Hawaii. So far the camp is transitioning into a new culture so that the new Executive Director will feel at ease when he moves the camp into a new direction. During this transition I’ve encountered different emotions ranging from happiness to anger. I suffered a mild concussion, I practiced belaying, and still I am one of three facilitators for school groups when they come to do camp programs. The camp is not the easiest place to work, but it can be the most rewarding if you allow it to be. I look forward to more of these opportunities and the emotions that come with it. Because without the emotion, life can be pretty boring.

Well, this is all I have for this blog. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted something. I don’t have the patience to write a narrative anymore. Writing this type of blog is more my style. I do not have a picture this time, but I promise that the next blog of mine will. Thank you for your patience for reading this entry. I hope you’ll read the next one I’ll post. I guarantee it will be different .


Hello my friends! As you may know zip-lining is my favorite activity here at camp! I just wanted to share some photos from our amazing refresher day! We truly enjoy all the opportunities Camp Mokule’ia bless us with!



As you may know it’s never a dull moment at Camp Mokule’ia! We have all been staying very busy but something I want to talk about is the Annual Meeting. We were honored to be apart of the 2017 annual meeting, and it was a huge blessing to be asked to speak at the convention about Camp Mokule’ia, The Episcopal Service Corps, and what we do in the creation care program! We were able to talk about our S.O.U.L (Sustainable Outdoor Unified Living)  way of life at camp and give a brief overview on the projects we will be working on this service year. Evan’s focus this year on projects will be volunteer recruitment and building a green waste system. We are so excited for all the hard work he has done, and will continue to do throughout the year. There is even a volunteer day that Evan has been working so hard to put together, which will be December 9th. Terrin will be working with the kitchen this year to help analyze food waste, using produce fresh from our garden, and establishing relationships with local farmers for the kitchen. She will also be working on building a recycling system for the camp as well. With our presentation we also talked about our camp community, As a team we have been working on projects together around camp such as maintaining the camp fire area and expanding the seating available, as well as clearing a new location for a native garden site here at Camp Mokule’ia. We are always so excited to work with the rest of the staff on some of these amazing projects. To wrap up a little more about our presentation, we also talked about our community dinners. The next community dinner is November 10th and we ask anyone who can, to please join us! We love showing others the work were doing in the SOUL patch and of course sharing a meal with all of our friends! We would all like to thank the bishop, Rhea, and St. Elizabeth’s church for all the hospitality throughout last weekend! It was truly amazing to spend time with everybody, and getting to meet new friends at the annual meeting! We truly can’t thank you all enough!