As you may know it’s never a dull moment at Camp Mokule’ia! We have all been staying very busy but something I want to talk about is the Annual Meeting. We were honored to be apart of the 2017 annual meeting, and it was a huge blessing to be asked to speak at the convention about Camp Mokule’ia, The Episcopal Service Corps, and what we do in the creation care program! We were able to talk about our S.O.U.L (Sustainable Outdoor Unified Living)  way of life at camp and give a brief overview on the projects we will be working on this service year. Evan’s focus this year on projects will be volunteer recruitment and building a green waste system. We are so excited for all the hard work he has done, and will continue to do throughout the year. There is even a volunteer day that Evan has been working so hard to put together, which will be December 9th. Terrin will be working with the kitchen this year to help analyze food waste, using produce fresh from our garden, and establishing relationships with local farmers for the kitchen. She will also be working on building a recycling system for the camp as well. With our presentation we also talked about our camp community, As a team we have been working on projects together around camp such as maintaining the camp fire area and expanding the seating available, as well as clearing a new location for a native garden site here at Camp Mokule’ia. We are always so excited to work with the rest of the staff on some of these amazing projects. To wrap up a little more about our presentation, we also talked about our community dinners. The next community dinner is November 10th and we ask anyone who can, to please join us! We love showing others the work were doing in the SOUL patch and of course sharing a meal with all of our friends! We would all like to thank the bishop, Rhea, and St. Elizabeth’s church for all the hospitality throughout last weekend! It was truly amazing to spend time with everybody, and getting to meet new friends at the annual meeting! We truly can’t thank you all enough!


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