Kelly Here!


Weird, great, difficult, wonderful, inspiring, annoying, energizing, exhausting, alive.

This week has been weird and great and difficult and wonderful and inspiring and annoying and energizing and exhausting and and and…..actually, each day this week held some combination of this expansive range of emotions and experiences.

I guess that isn’t to say that so many weeks aren’t as complex, but somehow this one offered a certain magnification of even the complexity itself.

And now, as I sit here watching the sun go down having said goodbye to a group of 6th grade students with us for 2 days working on transformation of character and team building, I am watching young people pouring out of vans and trucks, each here to deepen their relationship with Christ and the Church for a confirmation retreat.

This place is alive is so many ways and always changing in so many ways, and yet remains steadfast through it all.

Daily Bread

Due to a busy week of hosting our 6th grade friends, the only day we could make time for Pule ‘Ohana (our daily prayer & reflection together) was Tuesday.

It was during this Tuesday Pule ‘Ohana that Seini shared with us about moments from her recent pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Israel. She told of Bethsaida, Nazareth, Galilee, Gethsemane, so many locations that placed Biblical text into the reality of her senses. She described what the air smells like and the feel of the limestone under the noon sun. She recounted places where she felt our spirits and where she prayed for us.

She reminded us about the nourishment of our daily bread, about the importance of gratitude, and the affect our positivity can have on those around us and ourselves.

Left: Homemade Bread Full of Rosemary from the CM Kitchen Garden
Right: A Beautiful Mosaic Style Decorative Plate Representing Jesus Feeding Multitudes

The stories she shared with us meant a lot to me.

Additionally, her stories were an amazing reminder that these places, people, and miracles are real.

She also spoke of those suffering on and the parceling, gating, and enclosing of Holy Ground. Also real.

Yet it is that daily bread, the daily recommitment, the daily Love, that renews, heals, and makes all the difference.

I have so much more that I want to write about and reflect on with you this evening, but the sun is shining somewhere far from here and the darkness of the night is reminding me of my humanity. So I will finish for now with this prayer from yesterday (which probably would have sufficed on its own) ~

Lord, your good news brings healing to our bodies, minds, and spirits. Teach us the necessity and power of asking the right questions, and help us live the answers as living members of that new social order which is your body. Amen.
-Book of Common Prayer for Ordinary Radicals (prayer for 9.22)


Love you all, dear ones! Talk to you again soon!



here’s a list of Internet acessable things that gave me some additional feels this week, maybe they will do the same for you ~
1) An On Being Interview with JUNOT DÍAZ – Radical Hope Is Our Best Weapon
2) A Song from my Monthly Playlist by Cortes x Charlene Nash – Real Love
3) A Recipe for Pickled Swiss Chard Stems
4) This blog post (if you haven’t read it already)

pps Please don’t be shy to comment on our blog updates if you would like. It lets us know you’re out there.

❤ ❤ no pressure though ❤ ❤ 



One thought on “mo·sa·ic /mōˈzāik/

  1. Mahalo Kelly for this wonderful post! I get excited everytime I see a new blog post is ready to be read. Of course, I think the part I love most about your post, is just the picture of you as a little girl. What a great photo!

    Blessings on you, my friend!!

    aloha, DAvid

    Rev. David Baumgart Turner

    Malama Pono’s the Way



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